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私たちは、地域住民・実務家・研究者らにより設立された自主的な研究会です。 地震や火災、洪水など様々な災害により被害が予想される東京都新宿区において、戸塚地区を主な対象として、地域力を育む協働復興活動を行います。

We are an independent research group that was established by local residents, practitioners and researchers.

We carry out community-based collaborative recovery activities that foster community strength. Our activities are held primarily in Totsuka district in Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo, where disasters such as earthquakes, fires, and floods are a threat. 



戸塚協働復興活動研究会は、早稲田大学佐藤滋研究室(都市設計・計画研究)と都市・地域研究所が、平成18年から25年にかけて新宿区6地区で実施した「協働復興模擬訓練」とその後の活動での研究成果を基盤とし、今後起こりうる大規模災害に向けた協働復興活動を推進することを目指しています。 令和3年には、東京都補助事業「地域協働復興の普及啓発事業補助金」の採択を受けて、2回のセミナーとワークショップの開催を予定しています。

The Totsuka Community-Based Collaborative Recovery Activity Research Group's activities are founded on previous research on community-based collaborative recovery simulation training conducted by Shigeru Sato Laboratory of Waseda University (urban design/planning research) and the Urban and Regional Research Institute in six districts of Shinjuku Ward. Our group aims to promote community-based collaborative recovery activities in an area at risk of large-scale disasters in the future.

In 2021, we plan to hold two seminars and workshops thanks to funds obtained from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's "Public Awareness Project Subsidy for Regional Community-Based Collaborative Recovery."

Activities in Progress



We will look back on the results of the community-based collaborative recovery simulation training and the community-based pre-disaster recovery planning activities in the Totsuka area, and discuss and exchange opinions with experts on future developments.




We will consider evacuation methods and scenarios for district revitalization in our future community-based pre-disaster recovery planning in the Totsuka district.

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